We bring Data Science to investing

We study and apply how data drives investment decisions, removing human emotions from the process. Rich, diverse data available today enables us to build the next generation of investment algorithms.

Top-notch talent

Small, highly talented team focused on research and development. 20+ years of data science and technology platform experience.

Well-crafted, disciplined investment process

Well-crafted ML-driven investment process combining discipline with ML skills and Quant methods to deliver robust algorithms.

In-house data, modelling and trading platform

Technology is key to unlocking the signals in data. We have invested in building a platform that enables data engineering, machine learning model builds and trade execution in the financial markets.

Data Assets for Investment Modelling

Curated and engineered Indian data for building quantitative algorithms.

• 15+ years market data
• 12+ years news
• 5+ years tweets
• 500+ Companies fundamental data